Digital Engineering​

Digital Product Engineering

Build and evolve your software products and platforms with the right technologies and development techniques to win in the digital marketplace

We bring decades of digital engineering expertise to build your software products and platforms with the right software delivery practices and relevant digital technologies to enable you to win in the digital marketplace. Our globally distributed teams work together with our customers across the full life-cycle of the product right from its concept and blueprint to the release, implementation and support phases to consistently deliver high performance solutions to compete with the best in the market.

​We help our customers adopt and practice ProductIT or Product Operating model to bring their products and platforms to life. Our services for product and platform development includes:

  • Technology Architecture definition – Develop the technology architecture to ensure your product is reliable, scalable, secure and delivers a consistently level of performance to its users.

  • Product Development – Develop high quality products using Agile delivery techniques with globally distributed teams and consistently deliver them to a planned schedule and budget in response to dynamic market needs​

  • Product Modernization – Modernize the products and platforms with a planned migration to Cloud and adoption of relevant services available from the hyper-scaler platform. We also help identify potential opportunities to build intelligence into the products and platforms with use of data, analytics and relevant insights​

  • Product Implementation – Implement the products and platforms for enterprises with the necessary configuration and customization required as per their business and user needs. We also provide post-implementation support for the technology providers and their customers to ensure the users make the best use of the technology assets they have invested in.​

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