Digital Engineering​

Enterprise Application Modernization​

Upgrade legacy applications and modernize their infrastructure, UI design and features to improve organization’s business agility and ability to meet customer’s expectations​

We help organization reimagine their business processes and upgrade the existing portfolio of legacy applications. We help define a modern architecture, reconfigure the infrastructure needs for scale and performance, introduce new features, provide a refreshingly new User Interface design and build capabilities to collect relevant information to enable better analysis and more relevant business insights. Modernization also helps the organization integrate and utilize a rich collection of relevant business services available from a variety of external providers

We bring a well defined methodology to evaluate the legacy applications and identify an appropriate modernization approach to deliver the best results. We will progress the modernization activities through these various stages:

  • Legacy portfolio analysis – Detailed and objective assessment of legacy applications based on Business fit, Business value, Complexity, Reliability, Risk, Cost and Agility

  • Define modernization purpose – Identify and detail key business priorities to confirm what must be retained from the legacy application portfolio and what must be modernized for emerging needs. These will further drive the priorities and approach for application portfolio modernization

  • Evaluate and select among modernization options – Review application clusters and applications to be either Retained as-is or Re-hosted or Re-platformed or Re-architected or Replaced or Rebuilt for modernizing the landscape

  • Pilot phase followed by full-scale modernization – Define the goals for the chosen applications, establish the scope of work through objective prioritization, detail the requirements, develop the solutions using Agile delivery techniques and regular reviews, test and deliver the new solutions, train the users and support the operational teams on the new solutions and ready them for full-scale regular use

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