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NaviCADE for Enterprises

Automated information extraction, insights generation, and end-to-end data processing powered by advanced AI techniques and domain-specific deep learning models coupled with extendible microservices and scalable AWS services and cloud infrastructure.

Create a future-proof technology and IT foundation for all your document processing and analysis needs with NaviCADE.

  1. Comprehensive Functionality: Next-gen solution for businesses that need to efficiently process, extract, analyze, and manage complex information in diverse and high volume of documents in today's digitalized world.
  2. Advanced Technology & Design: Powered by AI, Deep learning domain models, and Microservices, Navi CADE is a versatile and scalable framework designed to tackle the challenges of manual intervention, inaccuracies, incomplete domain-specific entities, and implementation complexities.
  3. Generic & Specific Use Cases:  Navi CADE excels in information extraction, insights production, and end-to-end document processing and analysis across industries such as lending, insurance, pharmacovigilance, and legal.

How it works

NaviCADE's flexible design allows enterprises to customize document processing according to their unique needs, increasing the speed of implementation.

A well-designed 8-step process for appropriate and faster implementation of Navi CADE


  1. Define the Use Case:  Identify the specific document processing and analysis scenario, such as loan application processing or pharmacovigilance case management.
  2. Map the Workflow: Outline the business process flow and align with Navi-CADE's document processing steps.
  3. Identify Document Sources: Specify the sources of incoming documents, including in-house databases, email servers, or cloud storage.
  4. Set Up Document Parsers: Configure parsers based on document type, purpose, structure, and domain for accurate information extraction.
  5. Classify Documents: Utilize custom document classification models to identify and categorize main and supporting documents.
  6. Extract Information and Entities: Retrieve relevant information and entities from documents for deeper analysis and decision-making..
  7. Build Ontologies: Create structured representations of domain knowledge by linking extracted entities and relationships, enhancing data understanding.
  8. Store Results and Generate Reports: Save processed data in a database and create summary reports for further review and analysis.

Industry Use Cases

Navi-CADE's flexible and adaptable document processing capabilities can be easily tailored to unique industry needs building on the pre-built industry-specific solutions. The following list highlights some of the key use cases in different sectors.


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