“AI will change the world! But how will it change ‘my’ world?” We can help you determine that.

“95% of what AI can do in the enterprise is currently not known. We can help you find and implement those unknowns”

AI will not be like an ERP Implementation or even a Dot Com implementation like in the earlier decades. It will be like a TQM or a Quality Circle implementation where there is a process of continuous exploration and implementation. This will require a ‘slow burn’ of continuous discovery and solutioning. Organizations need cross functional consulting, architecture and implementation skills in smaller amounts over longer periods of time. With our ‘pod’ structure of delivery, we have pioneered this for the new AI age.

“‘Skilled’ today ‘Obsolete’ tomorrow”

Managers working on business learn every day. But technologists and technical business consultants become obsolete in no time. Experience is relevant only if coupled with knowledge of the ever changing current. Every business change is a technology change. We recognize that and have structured the company in that way.

Our core values

  • Celebrate Differences

    Each person and each company is different; understand differences to create value for everybody

  • Technology Second Outcomes First

    No company needs another line of code, they need higher revenues and lower costs. Technology allows a company to do that

  • Evolve Everyday

    Each individual and each Enterprise must be a better version of themselves every day

Advisory Board

PR Chandrasekar


Sudip Nandy


Our Team

Anjan Lahiri


Samit Deb

Chief of People Success

Balaji Krishnan

Chief of Customer Success

Megha Jain

Chief of Business Solutions

Gurudatta Kamath

Chief of Data & AI

Mukul Singhal

Chief of Digital Engineering

Pranshu Jain

Chief Enterprise Architect

Suresh Jayaraman

Chief Enterprise Architect

Seema Karwa

Head of Sales - India

Vandana Teotia

Head of Marketing & Knowledge Management