We are on a mission to enabling human enterprise with AI to create a new digital future

We bring 300+ years of collective leadership team experience | We are a team with a successful track record in building and scaling globally admired IT Service organizations | We believe Hybrid working will be the norm

What is fun for us

Pharmaceutical, Lifesciences and Healthcare Industry have digitally transformed and are now best poised to maximize use of AI technologies.

Our teams are working with the global industry leaders in their strategic programs to bring an improved quality of life to people worldwide

We collaboratively discover new business possibilities using emerging technologies for our customers

We are looking for highly motivated, creative and energetic professionals who are inspired to apply emerging technologies to bring more intelligent and intuitive solutions for people to use for their everyday needs….

Our people are our greatest assets. We recognize, respect and celebrate every Kenzien’s unique abilities.

  • We work together as a team without boundaries bringing the best of our experience and capabilities to deliver the best solutions to our customers
  • We have a dynamic work environment where you can make a difference
    • Culture of belonging and innovation- We empower Kenziens to take decisions and learn from their experiences to grow as better professionals
    • We enjoy each other’s company, as we go about solving our customers’ problems, adding value to them, Navikenz and each one of us, the Kenziens
    • At Navikenz, we enjoy an environment of trust, mutual respect and open communication across the organisation
  • We foster a work environment that Celebrates differences
    • Work schedules are flexible, aligned with employee’s unique needs while ensuring we meet our commitments to our customers
    • We encourage diversity of thoughts and points of view
    • We offer an open vacation policy that prioritises employee well being
  • We provide an ecosystem where we Evolve everyday
    • We encourage and facilitate learning and certification at all levels
    • We organize weekly learning sessions across the firm, where all our employees participate in learning and sharing

Activities that keep us together.

    • Family and well-being are very important. Every 45 days, teams meet and discuss how they are feeling on work, personal and family areas. People learn from each other
    • We work with clients and help their businesses find & reach their right Data & AI solutions. Kenziens are engaged with them solving their problems of tomorrow using data, generating the right insights and using AI to unleash the potential of their people and business.
    • Come join our team engaged in Challenging Work and enjoy a fast paced career growth with exciting rewards

Be a part of our team

We’re always on the lookout for innovators and game changers to bring their talents to our team. Got skills and a creative mind?

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