Explore the features of NRich in this explainer video! NRich is your Generative AI co-pilot for marketing content creation. This tool is specifically designed to help marketing and ecommerce teams enhance the quality and efficiency of their product content development. Watch and learn how NRich can revolutionize your content creation process, allowing you to generate engaging, precise, and customized marketing content more swiftly than ever. 



Product content enrichment is time consuming and expensive.

  • Skilled copywriters are a must for creating persuasive marketing content 
  • Time consuming and research oriented SEO, tagging and localization
  • Expensive photoshoots and graphic creation for compelling images
  • Review/ Re-work cycle for legal, quality and content can be time consuming



Use of generative AI can assist marketing team to reduce cost and accelerate go-to market for products. NRich as a co-pilot helps marketing and commerce teams by :

  • Generating product marketing content, reducing effort and improving quality
  • Tagging products with industry, categories and search facets
  • Generating images for brand promises and key features for rich visual product content
  • Generating keywords and utilizing industry and market specific words in description.


Key Features

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NRich benefits


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Who can benefit​

Marketing teams and eCommerce teams of B2B Product Manufacturers, B2B product Distributors, and consumer goods manufacturers targeting professionals – who are launching hundreds or thousands of products every year

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