Navikenz Organizational Transformation Framework

With clarity on the questions to answer, Navikenz implements its seven-step Organizational Transformation Framework to help the organization transition into a strategically driven and more focused entity. The steps are designed to ensure that leadership teams build alignment and change acceptance before starting their journey. The Navikenz engagement model ensures that the company remains in control of the pace of change. 

NAVIKENZ 7 step process for Organizational Transformation

Navikenz believes that strategy and execution must go hand-in-hand; Our 7 step process allows organizations to transform into Purpose driven organizations, with a clear strategy, and ability to execute it

COMMIT: Create a shared commitment and acceptance of the need to change  

Navikenz undertakes a fact-finding exercise comprised of a leadership survey, and one-on-one discussions with the leadership team exploring four key thoughts - what is going well, what is not, which activities need to be explored and what is the view for the future. Conversations with individual leaders allow Navikenz to understand core values, and critical roadblocks. When leaders review the survey results together, they can clearly see the need for change. This allows the team to mentally shift gears and commit to changing the status quo.  

CONTEXTUALIZE: Review together, a realistic assessment of the current context 

Strategic thinking can happen only when the team has a common view of the company’s starting position in the context of the external world. Navikenz helps to pull together a sharp outline of the company’s context using three lenses – internal situation, industry context, and the macroeconomic trends. Delivering the content in a format that is suited to the leadership culture, makes it easy to absorb within a limited timeframe and allows the team to come together as a unit.  

Illuminate the CORE:  Bring competence to the center of the strategy and define purpose. ​ 

Navikenz uses a workshop based approach to help companies define their unique competence and purpose in a way that they become a central pillar for strategic decision making. As the purpose is fleshed out, an ambitious vision of the future starts to take shape and can be articulated by the team. Navikenz keeps organizational purpose at the center of its approach, to create a strategy that is in sync with company values and culture.  

Make strategic CHOICES: Form the core of operating strategy though sharp choice-making. 

Navikenz helps to simplify strategy creation by framing it in terms of key guardrails and choices. Through multiple interactions, Navikenz helps the company leaders make sharp choices on the markets they want to play in, customers they want to serve, the channels they want to use, the way they want to engage with these channels, and how they can over-serve their chosen customers to gain loyalty and market share.  

CREATE the organizational framework: Embed strategic choices into company structure and culture. ​ 

As the strategic choices are established, Navikenz helps align the organization’s structure and performance review mechanisms to its priorities. This strengthens the link between execution and strategy by ensuring that each strategic choice has stakeholders in the organization, who protect, and propagate it. This is followed up by annual goal setting which helps to breakdown long-term goals into actionable annual targets with individual accountability, and measurable outputs. Navikenz suggests tweaks to the review cadence and performance metrics that aligns what is measured to what is important to be measured 

CRAFT the plan of action: Create the bridge between strategic choices, and annual targets 

As the leadership team becomes more empowered, with clear goals, aligned organizational structure, and the right performance metrics – this is now the right time to build out the details of the strategy. Each leader executes for their own area, within the boundaries of the strategic choices, so that the organization remains aligned with the overall vision, and strategy. Since the answers are explored and found by the organization, the ownership of the strategy remains with the team, and not the consultant.  

CLOSE the loop with feedback: Communicate strategy and accept feedback from the frontline 

Navikenz helps organization communicate strategy down the line, so that each level in the organization understands the core essence of vision and choices. Our performance review methods prioritize conversation, and feedback, so that leaders remain in constant touch with the ground realities and can consistently tweak the strategy as needed over time.