August 2, 2023 | Case Study | 3 minutes

Bringing memorable holidays for travellers through an innovative Travel Management Platform

Balaji Krishnan

Chief of Customer Success


Our client is a digital native travel and holiday solutions provider serving both domestic and international vacation needs of individuals and families. The client is aspiring to rapidly scale their business by offering a wide variety of holiday packages at properties from across the world to a growing collection of customers and reach them to market and sell the products both directly as well as through several channel partners.  

Business Requirement

The online travel and leisure experience provider required a comprehensive technology solution to realize their business aspirations with capabilities including: 

  1. New Digital Presence: A visually appealing and personalized website for seamless holiday planning and booking. 
  2. Automated Travel Booking: An advanced travel management system to automate bookings and provide personalized services. 
  3. Global Inventory Integration: A platform with user-configurable capabilities to integrate multiple international hotel inventory suppliers. 
  4. Sales Through Channel Partners: Integration with various travel agents and tour operators for increased sales reach. 
  5. Automation and CRM Enhancement: Full automation of travel reservation and customer services, along with improved CRM capabilities. 

Navikenz Solution

Navikenz designed, developed, and delivered a variety of innovative high-performance solutions to the client for their present and future needs. The solutions included: 

  1. Fresh Digital Presence: A new, responsive digital property was designed and developed offering a seamless and personalized experience for travellers during holiday planning and booking. 
  2. Automated Travel Booking Process: An advanced travel management solution was implemented to automate the booking process; enabling efficient and personalized services. 
  3. Business User Configurable Capabilities: The travel management system can be configured to link with business users, allowing seamless integration with multiple global hotel inventory suppliers and thereby expanding the range of holiday choices to travellers. 
  4. Multiple Channel Partner Sales: The system was integrated with various travel agents and tour operators to expand the company's sales reach. 

Business Impact Delivered

The implementation of the travel management system has positively impacted the travel and leisure experience provider's business: 

  1. Increased Holiday Campaigns: The company launched five times more holiday campaigns with the same team size, leading to expanded offerings and increased revenue. 
  2. Increased Digital Property Visitors: The number of visitors to the digital properties grew by over 350%, attributed to the user-friendly facilities and enhanced customer experience. 
  3. Increased Repeat Customers: The personalized experience provided by the system resulted in a 220% increase in repeat customers, enhancing customer loyalty. 
  4. Increased Travel Bookings: The automation of the travel booking process and integration with international hotel inventory suppliers led to a 135% increase in travel bookings. 
  5. Preferred Travel Services Provider: The company was selected as the preferred travel services provider for four prominent brands due to improved customer satisfaction and loyalty. 


Navikenz's implementation of the travel management system proved instrumental in transforming the online travel and leisure experience provider's business, elevating its competitive edge and customer satisfaction. The company is now able to offer personalized holiday packages, integrate with international hotel inventory suppliers, and deliver memorable travel experiences to a wider audience through multiple channel partners. The automation and improved CRM capabilities streamlined the customer journey, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and loyalty.