July 24, 2023 | Case Study | 3 minutes

Enhancing Strategic Direction for a Design-led Data Science Company

Harsha Vardhan

Problem Statement 

A design-led data science company was facing a significant challenge due to the absence of a clear long-term strategy, compounded by the lack of a defined mission and vision. This lack of strategic direction was hindering the organization's ability to set clear goals, make informed decisions, and effectively allocate resources. Without a well-defined mission and vision, the organization lacked a guiding purpose and a shared understanding of its ultimate objectives. As a result, the company was experiencing difficulties in aligning its stakeholders, engaging employees, and positioning itself uniquely in the market. The pressing issue demanded immediate attention as it hampered the organization's growth prospects and competitive advantage.  

The organization aimed to achieve the following objectives: 

  1. Clarify their organizational mission and align it with the personal aspirations of the founders. 
  2. Develop an aspirational vision for the year 2025. 
  3. Identify and communicate the company's core strengths, target customer segment, and unique positioning in the market. 
  4. Define the operating model and make strategic choices to support the vision and positioning. 
  5. Identify opportunities to enhance the organizational structure and capabilities to support the go-to-market approach. 
  6. Develop a 3-year roadmap outlining the necessary changes and strategic outcomes. 

The organization sought proactive measures to enhance performance and establish a clear strategic direction for future growth. 


Navikenz designed and implemented a meticulously structured program. 

Setting the Stage  

The initial phase involved discussions with the company's founders to present the approach, discuss the program's structure, and identify the relevant participants within the organization's team. 

Diagnosis and Data Collection  

We engaged in a thorough diagnosis of the company's challenges. This phase included conducting a survey, synthesizing market trends relevant to the company's operations, and analyzing the company's financials and trends. To gather insights, we also facilitated key customer interviews, involving company leadership in the process. 

Articulation of Mission, Vision, and Strategy  

Collaboratively, Navikenz and the client's leadership worked on developing a document encompassing the organization's Mission and Vision, core strengths, product positioning, key target customer segments, and strategic choices. This ensured alignment between the strategic direction and the client's goals. 

Structure and 3-Year Plan  

The final phase resulted in the development of a living document designed to drive change and momentum within the organization. This plan addressed the successful execution of the strategy, identified necessary changes in the organizational structure, and provided a 3-year roadmap for achieving strategic outcomes. We helped define the specific goals of each business function to realize that strategy and translated that to the business function owners' KRAs and objectives. 


Navikenz's proficiency in strategy consulting and their collaborative methodology enabled the client organization to articulate a sharp vision and strategic direction for the next three years. Through a comprehensive diagnosis and data collection process, the organization gained valuable insights into market trends and target customer perspectives. The resulting strategic roadmap provided a solid foundation for success in the rapidly evolving market. By involving the company's leadership throughout the process, Navikenz ensured that the strategy was aligned with the organization's goals, setting them on a path of growth and continued success.