April 19, 2023 | Blog | 3 minutes

Celebrating Differences – Challenges at Scale

Megha Jain

Chief of Business Solutions

Age of craftsmen -a Standardization and process driven manufacturing -a Personalization at scale 


We talk about three core values at Navikenz – Celebrate differences, Evolve Everyday, and Technology Second Outcomes First. Our understanding of these values is usually contextualized around what these mean to us as employees, and how we intend to conduct ourselves. But in this note, I want to explore what our values mean in the context of how we work with our customers 

Celebrating differences in our customers implies that all our solutions are uniquely crafted to serve the specific requirements that our clients have from us. This means that we do not serve our clients with a standard cookie-cutter template, and we do not force-fit pre-existing solutions to meet unique client needs. In some ways, we approach our solutions in the same way a master craftswoman does – pulling from her deep reservoir of experiences, and utilizing a host of tools and templates to create something that is uniquely suited to her customer’s needs.  

For the craftswomen, this comes naturally – over many years of experience, she is able to remember her learnings from previous work, and has evolved a host of shortcuts and personal methods that allow her to create high quality and unique solutions each time. But this way of working creates a natural limitation of scale – she is a single person and can only do so much. Others cannot access the information in her mind and create similar solutions. So, she will only produce as much work as a single (albeit highly efficient) person will do.  

At Navikenz, we aspire to provide this same level of customized service at scale. We have given ourselves an ambitious growth plan which will require us to build dozens of ‘master craftspeople’ in a short amount of time. How can this be achieved? Most other technology service organizations simply go into the market and hire a vast number of specialized people at great cost and effort. We know that as a young company, we have neither the time, nor the financial depth to do this. Moreover, we have hired many smart and ambitious young people, who are ready and willing to serve our clients, but lack the experience that is available with ‘masters.’  

We need to enable our young people with a platform where the experiences and learnings of all Kenziens can be pooled together into a common storehouse of learnings and experiences. This ‘Organizational experience,’ which would be accessible to all Kenziens, can become far deeper, and broader than anything that a single craftsman can ever hope to achieve. By providing the tools for Kenziens to access these learnings, we will be able to help all Kenziens to rapidly evolve into master craftspeople - provide high quality, custom solutions to our clients AT SCALE.