June 25, 2022 | Blog | 2 minutes

Enterprise Digital Technology Roadmap

Olivier Poulard

In increasingly competitive environments, digital technology is a fundamental element that enables and supports a company’s short and long-term business objectives for a specific market or an entire industry.

The introduction, implementation and adoption of innovative digital solutions must be planned and executed in an organized manner. Essentially, a company’s ability to deliver outstanding products and services, while remaining relevant, competitive and profitable, depends on it.

As such, technology-driven companies should have a process to identify, rationalize, incubate and manage effectively new technologies and solutions. The outcome of that process is a Digital Technology Roadmap. It includes the necessary coordination and the key milestones to meet a company’s objectives through the adoption of digital technologies and solutions.

If selected discretely, digital technologies may bring inconsistencies (potentially affecting the quality and reputation of products and services), induce redundant capabilities (stretching teams too thinly or increasing staff dramatically), and generate unnecessary costs (impacting business cases and profit margins). An Enterprise-wide approach and roadmap, along with a mindset of cross-functional collaboration, engineering excellence and customer centricity, will alleviate this problem.

Regular reviews of the Enterprise Digital Technology Roadmap will ensure that key IT and non-IT stakeholders align on the overall strategy, priorities, dependencies, gaps and investment decisions. They will also facilitate the timely allocation of internal staff and engagement of IT partners. As importantly, an Enterprise Digital Technology Roadmap will also provide a general sense of direction that can be used internally as a source of motivation, and also externally as a marketing tool.

Formulating and executing an impactful roadmap, one that effectively enables digital innovation and realizes the full potential of the organization and its assets, is no easy task. Too often, because of operational imperatives, companies are not able to invest the time or do not have the capacity to analyze their current situation, envision the future holistically, and drive strategic initiatives. Navikenz has the experience, insight, transformation framework and passionate people to identify the various areas for improvement, build a roadmap and game plan, organize the necessary changes, and manage your transformation programs.

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