Data Management​

Data Governance

A Data Governance Program will help businesses have access to trusted information and with high data quality certification​

Provide a strong data governance by having visibility and control over it in order to deliver best business value. This also enables one to achieve trustworthy datasets with improved data quality and security. Data governance helps organizations to implement the right processes and ownerships​

Stakeholders and business users will have easy access to data availability, reliability and location of the same for using it on a regular basis. Established Data Governance processes, policies and standards ensures quick turnaround for analytics, reporting and machine learning requirements across the organization​

  • Data Governance Consulting – Evaluation of data governance program and provision of detailed plan to establish, expand, or improve the program. ​

  • Data Governance Implementation – Help establish a comprehensive data governance program with process to develop data glossary, data dictionary, and data catalog, security policies, metadata management, data usage, data stewardship and others​

  • Data Quality – Establish trust in the data by following data quality standards and processes with appropriate data quality rules, data quality metrics and its review and resolutions​

  • Master Data Management – Build a comprehensive solution to enable better customer experience, supplier optimization, product management and other domains with best practices, processes and policies defined within the gamut of data governance management

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