Data Management​

Data Integration Services​

Modern data integration tools and techniques can simplify and speed up the process of cleaning, transforming, and bringing together data from all your sources to make it analytics-ready.​

Enable a scalable and extensible data integration capabilities with ability to ingest new data sources and scale storage and compute as quickly as possible. To avoid data silos, messy integration and expensive maintenance of data integration, our services provide a framework-based approach to data management to increase the potential of getting more value from the datasets. ​

Our Data Management Framework help develop, manage, prepare, transform, and deliver data flows to enable analytics at scale.​

  • Data Integration – Create a comprehensive architecture with tools and techniques to integrate your data, such as in a data lake, a persistent staging layer in a data warehouse, or a dimensional warehouse.

  • Data Transformation – Cleanse, combine and transform disparate data, and enhance with derived business logic to create a trusted business ready layer for analytics solutions

  • Data Quality Services – Help establish standards, best practices and thresholds for data quality, determine best approaches for data cleansing, optimize current data quality processes to promote trust​

  • Data Pipeline & Fabric – Design and develop data pipelines with automated workflows for data engineering, transformation and orchestration with a robust Data Fabric Framework pre-defined for enabling decision making​

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