Data Management​

Data Modernization Services

A scalable and adaptable data model and architectures, on premise or cloud, helps customers integrate, manage and process big data, real time data & near real time data for enabling insights and machine learning and AI models​

Assist organizations to achieve their end-to-end modernization need for their data and analytics assets. This is achieved with a framework-based approach with tools and accelerators for adoption of cloud strategy, migration, optimization, architecture, deployment and build other data assets

Our Data Architecture Framework and Cloud Data Migration Approach help develop, manage, prepare, transform, and deliver data flows to enable analytics at scale.​

  • Enterprise Data Architecture – Create a comprehensive architecture with tools and techniques to integrate your data, such as in a data lake, a persistent staging layer in a data warehouse, or a dimensional warehouse.

  • Cloud Data Migration – With a comprehensive data migration plan, enable a successful transition to realize business value and cost efficiency more effectively ​

  • Data Lake Modernization – Build Data Lake, Data Warehouse and other data stores to provide a central and governed location for structure and semi-structured data assets​

  • Cloud Data Optimizations – Continuously optimize cloud resources and cost with further areas of cost optimization as data, analytics and business evolves

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