AI Services

Platform & Products

Identify, evaluate and recommend right fit platform and products for an AI at Scale requirement for an organization. ​

Our service for platform and product services include provision of tool kit to build intelligent applications. These platforms combine intelligent, decision-making algorithms with data, which enables developers to create a business solution.

  • Platform Assessment: We assess the current platforms being used by various functions against the expected business critical metrics and against the capabilities required to fulfil the future Data and AI needs. We provide the right recommendations based on the assessment. 
  • Platform Evaluation & Selection: With a deep understanding of the current and future Data and AI needs of the Business units and different functions , we help Enterprises evaluate and select the right purpose-built platform.
  • Platform Co-Creation : We engage with the right stakeholders such as  Business Team , Data Team and Analysts to visualize, design and build the data and AI platforms relevant to the Enterprise. 
  • Platform Migration: With understanding of the As-Is Platform and To-Be Platforms , we help business functions to plan , prioritize and migrate data and the required services in a phased manner with minimum down time.  
  • Platform Support: Define the uptime and downtime of the platforms and help platform updates and upgrades in planned, scheduled and Timely and secured manner. 

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