May 5, 2023 | Blog | 3 minutes

Use Cases of Artificial Intelligence for D2C Businesses – Series #1

Seema Karwa

Head of Sales

For e-commerce businesses

We all shop online. Have we observed how an Amazon site throws up multiple recommendations when we are searching for a product or have already added something to the cart? That's probably one of the most common use cases of an AI engine giving customized recommendations based on the consumer's current and past searches. It helps e-commerce businesses increase cart size. At Navikenz, we recently built solutions for a travel tech company around their cloud-migration, app modernization, and providing customized and personalized travel packages to its customers.

However, AI can help much more than this. Through AI/ML models, one can understand why customers are abandoning carts, and companies can take corrective actions. AI can also plan for your last-mile delivery. AI-powered delivery scheduling algorithms can optimize delivery routes, consider customer preferences, and time windows, and dynamically allocate resources to ensure on-time deliveries and reduction in your overall delivery costs.

For businesses that require warehouse management

Efficient warehouse operations are critical for D2C businesses to manage inventory, fulfil orders, and meet customer expectations. AI-powered warehouse optimization algorithms can analyse data on inventory levels, order volumes, and product demand to optimize warehouse operations. For example, these algorithms can automatically allocate storage space, optimize picking routes, and predict demand to prevent stockouts and overstocks. AI can also be used to automate warehouse processes, such as inventory counting, packing, and sorting, improving operational efficiency and reducing human errors.

Gaming companies

The creative and research team can analyse content and its performance through AI to develop more palatable and innovative games for its consumers. AI can decode the elements in video content, including the characters, emotions, story arcs, and more. It can then go on to provide a much deeper analysis of the gamer's behaviour to produce more relevant content.


AI can assist for special needs of students – for example, making the content audio for a visually impaired student. AI is also being used currently in high schools to detect plagiarism. With the advent of tools like ChatGPT, students will increasingly use it for even writing a simple essay. AI can help grade even abstract assignments like essays.

Navikenz can provide comprehensive AI/ML solutions tailored to the specific needs of D2C businesses, helping them leverage technologies to optimize their operations, enhance customer experiences, and gain a competitive advantage in the market.

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