July 20, 2023 | Case Study | 3 minutes

Cloud Migration Assessment for a Global Pharmaceutical Company

Pranshu Jain

Chief Enterprise Architect

Problem Statement 

A global pharmaceutical company has a large portfolio of 1000+ applications spanning a variety of technologies and vendors. The company hosts its applications at global data centers, regional data centers, office locations, and factory floors. Many of the larger applications also fall under regulatory compliance requirements. The company aims to undertake cloud transformation but faces the challenge of determining the appropriate applications, transition roadmap, and partner skills needed for cloud migration. With a substantial portfolio of applications spread across multiple data centers, the company needs to identify the optimal mix of applications suitable for cloud migration, select suitable cloud service providers, and ensure a seamless migration process with minimal disruption to their critical business operations. 


To address the cloud migration challenge effectively, the company collaborated with Navikenz, and the following approach was undertaken: 

Comprehensive Application and Technology Assessment 

Navikenz conducted a thorough assessment of the existing application landscape to determine which applications were suitable for migration to the cloud. Factors such as application complexity, data dependencies, regulatory requirements, and potential benefits of cloud migration were evaluated. Using industry knowledge, areas of focus, opportunities for modernization, and potential benefits were identified, leading to a suitable "R" approach for cloud migration. 

Based on the assessment, applications were prioritized by considering their potential benefits and overall business value. This approach aimed to optimize the utilization of cloud resources and focus on migrating high-impact applications first. 



Identification of Compliance, Specialized Requirements & Skills for Migration 

We assisted the company in identifying compliance and other specialized requirements necessary for a smooth migration process. Skills required for cloud setup, governance, and application migration were identified based on the portfolio of applications and optimized based on the availability of in-house capabilities. This enabled the organization to look for the right partners for their cloud migration journey. 


By partnering with Navikenz for cloud migration assessment, the global pharmaceutical company has been able to undertake a benefit-driven cloud modernization. The collaboration facilitated an in-depth assessment of the existing application landscape, enabling the identification of applications that can benefit the most from cloud modernization and migration. 

With Navikenz's expertise, the company effectively prioritized applications based on their benefits and business value, ensuring a resource-efficient migration process. Proactively addressing compliance and specialized requirements further contributed to a smooth and disruption-free migration. 

The engagement with Navikenz allowed the company to select suitable cloud service providers and partners to address new skills required for cloud migration. Embracing cloud technology with the support of Navikenz positioned the pharmaceutical company to achieve a modern and agile technological landscape while maintaining a focus on its core mission within the pharmaceutical sector.