Digital Engineering​

Cloud Engineering​

Design, develop and operate your digital future on the Cloud with software-controlled solutions and innovative services ​

We help organizations progress through every stage of their Cloud transformation journey. We are partners of the world’s leading hyperscale platform providers and we bring deep knowledge of their platforms and experience in successfully transforming global enterprises from traditional on-premises, customized hardware platforms and legacy software technologies to cloud-native, software-controlled solutions with access to innovative high performance on-demand business services.

Our Cloud Engineering services enables our customers adopt Cloud computing and use cloud native technologies to design, build and operate their business solutions.

  • Cloud Consulting – Help businesses understand the value of cloud and cloud-native architecture. We help customers evaluate their present and anticipated IT landscape and identify opportunities for cloud solutions to accelerate their go-to-market, enhance productivity, bring agility to respond to the dynamic business environment and optimize costs. We work together to develop the right cloud adoption strategy for the business and the roadmap to progressively realize that strategy

  • Planning and Architecture for Cloud Transformation – We help businesses identify the best transformation approach and establish a cloud-native architecture roadmap and operating model with the selection of best-fit platform and tools. The roadmaps we develop together helps businesses consolidate their infrastructure, standardize on microservices based architecture, redefine their operating models, reimagine the application development processes and enable new service models.

  • Application Build on Cloud – We build cloud native applications aligned to your organization’s transformation roadmap and technology standards. We bring significant experience in building and delivering business critical solutions for enterprises globally adopting best practices in building secure, reliable and scalable solutions based on modular architectures.

  • Application Migration to Cloud – We help migrate existing applications to Cloud aligned to your organization’s transformation roadmap and technology standards. Our migrations are not confined to forklifting existing applications but we bring capabilities to enable organization’s get the most from the investments in cloud computing

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