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AI and ML Solutions Build​

Our Team of Data Scientists , Data Engineers and Business Analyst help Business and IT teams to identify the business problem and opportunities that exists . They help teams to scope , define , approach and implement the solution using Data in time bound manner​

Our Team engages with different stakeholders to brainstorm and conceptualize AI Solutions for a known problem or from an existing business process . We further , engage with teams to develop and test business critical ML models which are central to business functions. 

  • AI Solutions : We engage with Business and IT Stakeholders to conceptualize , understand the business problem and the data associated with it and apply different AI Techniques to solve the problem
  • Model Development : Our Data Scientists engage with different stakeholders to identify the business problem , translate them to right Data Science problem and explore various ML Algorithms to solve and interpret to different stakeholders
  • Model Validation : Model Validation is very essential to identify and mitigate the Risks arising due to Assumptions made and Biases involved in Data and AI Algorithms used. Our Data Scientists perform Model Validation in an Independent Manner to identify , eliminate any shortcomings of the model.
  • Model Migration to Cloud : It is imperative to migrate models to cloud environments which provide a scalable and cost efficient way of deploying ML Models. 


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Navikenz's Text-to-Speech Solution: Transform Your Words into Customized Audio

Have you ever felt the need to turn your written words into audio with just a few clicks and choose the perfect voice and speed for your specific needs?

Navikenz offers an innovative text-to-speech converter that empowers you to effortlessly convert written text into audio, all while customizing the voice and playback speed to suit your specific needs. Whether you're looking to create audiobooks, generate content, or provide speech assistance for those with impairments, our solution has you covered.

With Navikenz, you can seamlessly switch between different voices, add additional text segments, and fine-tune the playback rate to achieve the desired audio output. Whether you need a standard voice, a personalized touch, or anything in between, our text-to-speech solution is here to make your content accessible and engaging.

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