Business Consulting​

Business Strategy Development ​

Apply our tested approach to strategy setting, where the entire leadership team participates in co-creating the organization’s strategy. The process starts with Organizational Purpose, Vision and Culture, and drills down to strategic differentiators, and operational choices. ​

At Navikenz, we empower our customers with actionable strategy and impactful execution to thrive and scale in the Digital Space.

We believe that actionable strategy and impactful execution form the two key cogs for long-lasting forward momentum. Each cog moves without friction only when its internal spokes meet in unison for greater performance and scalability.

Actionable strategy requires three spokes –​

  1. Value-led strategy​
  2. Collaborative structure​
  3. Digital culture​

​-- and a common core of organizational Purpose ​

​Since all spokes are inter-dependent, the alignment process is inherently iterative.

Impactful Execution requires three spokes – ​

  1. Competent people​
  2. Tailored processes​
  3. Fit-for-purpose technology​

​– and a common hub, i.e. usable, useful data.​

​Impactful execution on strategic initiatives requires adequate methods, toolkits and platforms.

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